Friday, May 17, 2013

Misconception About STAY Home Moms

The four laundry baskets are full, dishes are piled up, and toys are everywhere!!!  I am a stay at home Mom!  This house is a wreck!!! 
I have always worked up until my last child which is two.  My house was always in order when I worked.  Now that I am home I can't seem to manage it.  I don't know if it was because nobody was here to mess it up or what.  I was working and my oldest was in daycare.  I am definitely not a "June Cleaver." 
I know many mothers would do anything to stay home with their kids rather than work.  I am more than blessed to be able to.  We have actually given up a lot in order for me to do so....budget, budget, budget!  Something I'm still trying to figure out.
 I definitely had a misconception of stay at home moms.  I thought it would be all smiles, cookies baking in the oven (in fact I am a good baker when I find time to), organized, and spotless.  This house looks like a tornado has went right through it!  I have not quite mastered managing my time here.  In fact I am not even managing myself well.  I did a blog a few days ago about self improvement.  It is a must!  At the end of most days if I were to look in the mirror I would find a very tired mom, hair in a ponytail, pj pants on, and mis matched socks!  How did I manage before...It was nothing for me to work 10 hours a day, look professional, come home cook, homework, bath time, and clean up the mess before bed time.  Now I am home I can't manage to cook and clean up the messes.  Being a mom is much harder than a working professional.  I know I can do this but how?
On most days when my husband is working I watch the clock.  Come on 6:18....waiting for my break time and adult conversation time too!  Two year old talk all day long can be very tiresome! 
Like right now, I feel horribly bad that I am even typing this blog.  I should be thankful and not complaining that I am a stay at home mom.  I know tons who wish they were.  In fact with my first born I felt extremely guilty that I was spending more time at work than with her. 
I have know doubt that I will master this. I may not be June Cleaver however, I will figure this out!  It is a must that I get it together around here. 

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